How to be a superhero

“We can be heroes”

Find and maintain your inner healthy superhero with ““.  A *free* online resource for achieving a healthy lifestyle in the midst of an obesogenic society, written by two middle-aged women who thought they couldn’t: but did!

This blog is not about superheroes (click here for superman).  Or triathlons (click here for swim, bike, run, repeat).  But it does have heroes (you) and triathlons (us) in it.  This blog is about the hard road out of your comfort zone, the road you never thought you would, or could, take.  This is about the rewards at the end of that road.  Maybe it is the road to Mordor:

snowy road to mordor

Travel with the superhobbit and the magical super-bad multitasker.


Support them with your sponsorship as they battle the Boggart of denial, the Couch of sloth and journey through the Eastern plains of pain to the mighty Norfolk superhero challenge.

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Getting started

Getting started on a fitness journey is the daunting bit.  You have to change habits, revise behaviour patterns and blast away assumptions about yourself.  Once you’re on the fitness road you feel wonderful, but one slight wobble can upset your resolve.  When you achieve your goal, maintenance then feels like climbing a mountain after the marathon des sables wearing a weighted vest.

A club for superheroes

That’s why you need a club.  A virtual club for superheroes in their chrysalis.  It’s safe here.  You can get started in your comfort zone and plan your journey.  No-one can see you; so make a fool of yourself in the privacy of your own home, supported and motivated by the superhero club, until you are ready emerge and take on your next challenge.

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Why will it work?

We know that everyone has a healthy hero inside them, but the modern world conspires against us favouring sedentary employment, sedentary leisure pursuits and fast food with little nutritive value.   We’ll share what worked for us and you’ll take what you need from it whilst staying accountable by following us.  We didn’t expect we could do it – we just decided to!  Decide to join us today and join the superhero club.