Sport on Sunday

Week 8

Our final week of messing about.  Into a higher gear as of next week with “bricks”.  Or at least, that’s the plan……

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday Oof.  I am pooped! First 10k run in 1:07:14 at 5.6mph (0.1 mph faster than last week’s “long slow run”!!!  Proof that my interval training works??)  I’ve got my  flight socks on for compression and I have foam rolled my legs into a pulp.

The legs and the distance were not the difficulty – the psychology was.  Got round this two ways – one, knowing I had to tell you what I had done made me tell myself “I can & I will”, two, I got hot & left my hat on a post in the “loop” at what would be 9km when I came back round – no 9km run no hat.  (favourite hat!)  There were 2 teeny bits of walking – once when the hill was just too steep for words (it probably wasn’t!) and the other time collecting aforementioned hat.

Chuffed πŸ™‚

Monday Bought a new bike! (hopefully will go faster…..) awaiting delivery

Wonder woman is here, we are having a holiday so rest day & dog walking, too.  Happy days.

Tuesday Oh dear, wonder woman has turned into boot camp commandant.  She made me go to a spinning class!  She loves me enough to let me hate her……


Wednesday It’s full on boot camp! swimming 1km in the morning and a 5km tempo run in the afternoon.  Feel remarkably perky, now, considering how I thought I was dying at the 4.5km mark….
Thursday Wonder woman and poppy dog had to leave.  Accidental rest day.  (Storm Doris stopped play)
Friday Kettlebells, spa and picked up the bike – happy Hobbit
Saturday It rained on my new bike so I took it home & created a new pain cave with new turbo trainer instead.  Sufferfest ensued.
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities
Sunday Everything hurts!!! Legs, neck, back, ancient creaky knees. God this reaching my forties is tedious. I’ve still got my stupid cold/cough. I didn’t get round to reading whether I should exercise when ill so I still don’t know whether I’m supposed to or not, so have erred on side of caution and just done moderate amounts.

I worked overnight, had less than two hours sleep and had horrid red snotty eyes and a sore throat when I got home at eight fifteen in the snow. So husband one made me go running (6km!).  The upside was that his trousers fell down twice without him noticing.

We ran home, lit the wood burner to dry out the wet plaster in the holey house, then ran home in the snow. The three dogs were sooooo happy. Lurcher, collie, Labrador. They were so pleased to be  out for a run. I was cold and achey with a sore leg.

Then I went riding in the snow. Then I went out for lunch. Then ten pin bowling. Wow. I’m like a superhuman. Only with red swollen eyes.

Somewhere in there I spent some time with my kids, saw my parents and step parents and slept for ten minute intervals in the car. 

Monday It’s half term. I’m trying to be a good mother for a few days. So we are going to the “cold hell-tell” (a campsite) for three days so I will take my trainers but there is a good chance I won’t do any ‘exercise’ as such. But it will be fun. 

20000 steps and 113 minutes of exercise, i.e. I rode two horses (not at the same time obviously, even I’m not that dumb).


Tuesday  meg's half term run

16000 steps. A really fast 3km run along the coast track near burnham deepdale after a very slow walk with six kids.

14500 steps of wandering about with kids at very slow speed. And I slept on a sofa for an hour. It was lovely.




11500 steps of walking on brancaster beach. Very slowly. Pesky children with their short legs. Good for the soul though. 

11000 steps, wandering again. But at beautiful walsingham. 

35000 horse steps. Five and a half hours on a horse, exhausted. Couldn't move Sunday morning

Sport on Sunday

Week 7

Week 7 and we’re on a roll.  Week 8 is the last week of single sports.  When we get to week 9 we have to start bricking it.  Of course we may be doing that already…..

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday due to a technical hitch (hobbit incompetence) sport on sunday was prematurely on saturday last week – sorry!  I did go for a swim on saturday, though!

Sunday – 8km run 54.37 minutes.  farthest (& slowest) “long, slow run” so far & felt it. Very muddy in places so was slipping backwards! however, very pleased by “negative splits” when i got back to terra firma from km 5.

garmin report on 8km run showing negative splits

Have entered Saxmundham rotary half marathon as a “mini-goal” to keep me running!!

Monday Rest day
Tuesday 20 minute weights work out & 10k steps (a routine emerges at last!)
Wednesday Beautiful spring-like day.  NO excuse not to go out on a bike ride. 22 miles, 12.3 mph (not getting speedier!) and even hosed down the bike & oiled the chain afterwards. *Smug* Sunshine πŸ™‚
Thursday 5k round Hampstead Heath again with hill sprints – no faster but got the hang of some sort of schedule after 6 weeks trying!

London is great for fitness – 30,000 steps in all today!!!!

Friday Does hoovering up Jack Russell hairs count?  I did actually go for a swim & finally do the 80 lengths (2km) I had been supposed to do from day 1 of the schedule.  Annoyingly my Garmin, accurate in all other respects, decided to ignore 10 of the lengths.
Saturday  Ah.  I “suffered”.

jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities
Sunday Oh my goodness, in terms of exercise it’s been a fabulous week, but I feel terrible, I’ve had snotty eyes and a wretched cough and sore throat. And according to one of the (four) books I’m reading, all about low carb. endurance exercise I should NOT be exercising. But what the heck, spiritually and emotionally I’m feeling upbeat, so I’ve got on with it. OK, the other reason is because the week started well and I thought I had a chance of getting some achievement badges from my activity app. I’m sooooo like a seven year old: I will try so hard for a teeny tiny reward. But weirdly it did motivate me, especially on Friday evening when I got home from work after seven and the rest of my (temporarily extended) family were eating and drinking wine. So here goes: 

Sunday I hibernated post-ball. 

Monday Went riding, 19000 step day, and was introduced to the rollers. Not hair rollers. The cycling kind.

I fell off them in spectacular fashion. Landing on the leg of one of the chairs next to me, meant to protect me from falling. And when I landed on the concrete fall I was lying next to a bottle that said ‘which lube is right for you’. If I hadn’t been crying I might have laughed. But I pretended I wasn’t crying because the second husband was fixing his bike (see Tuesday) so I got up and carried on pedalling. 

Tuesday 19000 steps, went riding in the morning, then went for a terrifying 19 km bike ride in the dark with my second husband. His average heart rate was 120, mine was 150 which is too high, according the almost every book I’m reading at the moment: primal endurance, the low carb athlete and the other one that the hobbit bought me. 
Wednesday 171 minutes of exercise, 31500 horse steps. Freezing day. The sun never appeared. 
Thursday 1200 swim. It was good. Not too hideous. And 6000 steps of walking. 
Friday 4000 steps but finished work and did 30 minutes cycling on the terrifying rollers. I nearly fell off once when husband one came to chat to me but concentrated hard on rick stein who was propped up in an apple crate in front of the rollers on my iPad talking about pasta and managed not to topple off. 
Saturday 15000 steps. I went riding, then went and wandered about in a freezing field fishing jockeys out of the mud. Didn’t really contribute to fitness, but a nice day. 

Sport on Sunday

Week 6

It’s week 6 in superhero world.  That countdown clock is ticking.  But positive experiences count more than miles!

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday 5km run on Hampstead Heath.  Like chugging through mud (well, it was chugging through mud) but at least I did it!
Monday Rest day
Tuesday Kettlebells and 10k steps
Wednesday  An actual bike ride!  It was freeeeeeezing.  Couldn’t feel my fingers for the first 5 miles which was a bit frightening on the downhills – my excuse for a slow time…..Did wear my lovely new high vis. yellow jacket – felt like a proper cyclist πŸ˜‰

14.3 miles 12.2 mph average.

Thursday Interval training run on Hampstead Heath.  Fartleks.  Yes, fartlek.  A bit of Carioca, too.  And I’m sure it was snowing.
Friday Yoga and a little morsel of indoor cross-training (it was definitely snowing)
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities
Sunday Last week was the best week I’ve had in ages. Everything hurt, a lot, and by Sunday all I could do was sleep most of the day. And I had three birthday cakes.

But in terms of quadrathlon training more of a spiritually good week than physically.  However, being relaxed reduces inflammation (possibly) and stress hormones so allowing for meditative time which is good for one’s blood pressure.  Two glasses of red wine per day has been shown to reduce insulin resistance, although I may have exceeded this a little on occasion. 

Working at a point to point so stomped about in the mud for a few hours and reached 15000 steps.

Monday 11500 steps mainly running about getting stuff ready for the horse mini break. Four hours sat in a horse lorry chatting. Good for the soul if not the physique. 
Tuesday amazing 35000 horse step day galloping across Salisbury plain in the fog trying not to fall in rabbit holes. salisbury plain

Then a bath:

(Gin and tonic essential as quinine may prevent cramp after exercise)

Wednesday my 41st birthday: how did I get so old??Four hours in a horse lorry then four hours on a (by now tired) horse and 29000 horse steps. We were both exhausted and very very muddy.
Thursday Work from 8am until 10.30pm but I managed to shuffle on my treadmill for 90 minutes in the morning. Apple Watch ignored treadmill walking though, annoyingly. 
Friday 8000 steps and not a great exercise day.  
Saturday 31000 horse steps with a lot of cantering. By now the horse is extremely fit and bursting with energy! I’m looking red faced and old. But not too old to stop me going to a ball and dance for a few hours. No watch on so who knows how many steps I did.

Sport on Sunday


Looking back to New Year, have we made any progress?….Well we run faster, but exercise less often than planned – a lesson?

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday First run after rest & recovery week.  A fast 4km with foam rolling before and strength and foam rolling afterwards.  Not in pain, just expected amount of muscle soreness.
Monday  Rest day (10k steps on desk treadmill)
Tuesday  Rest day (10k steps)

seems impossible in the dark months to exercise either before or after work, so I am having an extra rest day…..

Wednesday Oh dear.  Epic fail.  7000 leaflet delivery steps, 1 dog bite.  Ran out of time so decided to take a dose of my own advice and do the tabata protocol on the cross trainer.

Wish i hadn’t. (More of this next theory Thursday)

Thursday  Happy birthday to me πŸ™‚  A lovely 60 lengths of the cool calm UEA pool.  That’s better.
Friday Ran out of time to catch the train.  Bike ride curtailed to 8.6m at a ridiculously slow 12.8mph average.  Must try harder
Saturday Hangover.  Oh dear.  Will run on Hampstead Heath tomorrow……
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker  multi-tasking major activities
Sunday  a good steady 7km in 42 minutes
Monday  I managed 11000 steps but just by pottering about the place!
Tuesday better, 28000 steps and over 100 minutes of exercise, but mainly the steps were horse steps.
Wednesday  1099 calories worth of activity (I don’t ever really believe this as it’s too much of a watch guess), 178 minutes of exercise and 31000 (horse) steps and the joy of watching my friends ancient retired racehorse relive its youth thundering down a field and overtaking me at very high speed. I like to think that riding in the cold burns more calories, but I suspect I made up for this by eating flapjack in the evening. The soluble fibre in the oats won’t counteract the very high carbohydrate load of flapjack, whatever I tell myself. There is a potential window after exercise when having a small amount of carbs might be better tolerated than usual. But I’m clutching at straws.
Thursday Went out to supper so missed swimming. But walked on my treadmill for two hours in the morning at work so not completely somnolent.
Friday walked on treadmill for a couple of hours at work, but not much else.
Saturday  58 minutes of exercise galloping horse in the sunshine with the puppy and the collie chasing me. Glorious and made my legs and back hurt so must have done some good somewhere.

Sport on Sunday

Week 4

It is official, we have dispensed with the schedule, ’til March at least.

So thank you, dear reader, for being there.  Apologies, Sport on Sunday must be boring for you – but maybe you can get a bit of schadenfreude or inspiration from it.  Without having to fill this table in every week there would be a lot more couch-sitting going on in Hobbiton.   Obviously multi-tasking happens in response to the tiny hectoring voice of the Hobbit, so we are all dependent on you!

superhobbit, second breakfsat  goings on in Hobbiton
Sunday Supposed to be doing a 3 hour bike ride.  Clearly I don’t achieve this!  Start off with 12,000 leaflet delivery steps (for the justice crusader):

garmin read out of todays steps

then on to 70 lengths of the pool.  I have a new digital minder called a “swimtag” – they don’t even pretend to give it a coy name, they just accept you want to be monitored:

read out from todays swimtag

Realise that nagging “pain in the arse” I’ve been ignoring must be ignored no longer.  ’tis the dreaded

left proximal hamstring tendinopathy

I must foam roll and do more strength exercises – which have been sorely neglected…leading to soreness.  I must also reduce running.  Will think about that one – that might make me cross……..

Monday  Official rest day: 10k steps & yoga
Tuesday  Official rehab day (she justifies to herself….): 10k steps & foam rolling
Wednesday  Strength and rehab: “iron” & foam rolling.

Also 12,000 steps of leaflet delivery (& not finished yet!)

Thursday reload recovery workout and 1k swim and lots of foam-rolling
Friday 20 minutes of kettlebells and some foam rolling
Saturday 2 mile bike ride to test the hamstring and 1km swim

ready to try a run tomorrow……..

jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking Major activities
Sunday 12000 steps. Walked dogs a fair bit. 
Monday a good day: went to gym, cross trainer for 30 min, 2 min sprint on running machine, 30 min bike ride,  22000 steps in total as I went riding for an hour and walked the dogs as well. Like a perfect day.
Tuesday went riding for a long time, but usual horse related exercise cancelled due to frost, however somehow clocked up 100 minutes of exercise and 19000 steps. Missed swimming in the evening because I was at a meeting. Too many meetings. They should all be done stood up.
Wednesday  6km run. The dog enjoyed this a lot.

Thursday 1400 metre swim. Like torture for some reason. We all thought so, did 1000 front crawl which is a first.
Friday nothing. 6000 steps. Too much work!!
Saturday 32000 horse steps. We rode along dunwich beach. It was amazing. But now my legs hurt…. and I’ve got a cough.

Still, onwards and upwards. Next week I need to do a 7km run, two swims and a longer cycle (only in the gym but better than nothing).

Sport on Sunday

Week 3

A better week for exercise this week – schedule, schmedule……..

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday Despite the cold and wet, managed to run 10% farther than last week and speed up a little bit.  Still a long way to go before anywhere near ready for superheroes…..and that countdown clock is ticking…..

ernie wise legs
short fat hairy muddy legs: jools is obviously Ernie to Meg’s Eric!

garmin display of recent run

Monday  Official rest day
Tuesday  Unofficial rest day (oops)
Wednesday  Suffered (penance for missing my swim yesterday):

sufferfest passport showing nine hammers workout

Thursday  Sunny 5k run on Hampstead Heath πŸ™‚ ……… Hills, mud & ice inclusive!

Didn’t offset the delicious orange & almond cake at the Geffrye museum later……..

Friday  Recovery workout
Saturday  Officially “long slow run” but actually I’m getting faster!  This “training” thing seems to be effective……

garmin upload of saturday long slow run


jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker major multi-tasking activities
Sunday Stood in a wet field waiting for osteopenic youths to fall off their horses……
Monday  142 minutes of exercise!! Or 1066 calories and 22000 steps. What a start to the week!!!

Horse ride, 30 min cross trainer (three min fast as I could run) then 30 min on bike.

Go on my hobbit friend, try catching me this week….mwahhahahaha

Tuesday  Horsing around
Wednesday  6km run in 40 minutes – whoop!
Thursday  1.6km beasting in Bungay pool – I have way more endurance than the boys πŸ™‚
Friday  Official rest day
Saturday  Mud and horses

Sport on Sunday

Week 2 – best laid plans…….

β€œTo a Mouse,” by Robert Burns 

β€œThe best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Gang aft a-gley.”

It’s a bit early to be quoting Robbie Burns, but apt.  Somehow the training plan is “indicative” only at this early stage……….

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday OK.  It’s established.  I can’t stick to the schedule.  I might catch up with it later.  short bike ride while the justice crusader is at church then walk to the thorpeness kitchen for lunch.  At least got my 10k steps in!
Monday rest day: 10k on the treadmill
Tuesday  swim & strength: well, swam 1km. LOVE the 50m UEA pool
Wednesday bike: fail.  did walk 8.29km & do some “power” yoga
Thursday run: fail. suffered instead:

how jools suffered on 12th jan

Friday swim: epic fail – extra “rest day” will probably improve my muscular power……right?……
Saturday run & strength: fail.  swim & sanding the kitchen worktops will have to do instead.  perhaps next week I might do better?…….
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multitasking major activities
Sunday willing myself to go for a run. I need the hobbit to shout at me. So thought of her tiny cross voice, and ran 3.15km in 22 minutes at a speed of 7 km per hour. Phew.
Monday What a week.  If crying burns off calories then I should look like a whippet, but sadly I know that poor sleep and stress raise your cortisol levels which combined with a diet of pure refined carbs probably explains why I look a million years old and feel a million and one. Actually, I don’t feel that rubbish.  Exercise wise it’s not been as bad as it could be:

inactive day trying to do my appraisal so only managed 7000 steps and nothing else.

Tuesday good day: 187 minutes of exercise, 24000 horse steps, 1500 metre swim at tri-torture. Apparently 1290 exercise calories. I think I forgot to eat that day.

meg on her horse

Wednesday Lordy who knows what I did?? My digital minders (watch, phone) tell me I travelled 8 km and did 10500 steps and 48 minutes of exercise. It appears I had a burst of activity around lunchtime. Maybe I fell asleep and had a nightmare. Actually I think I walked the dogs.
Thursday day of the sugar addicted sloth: I apparently walked 6000 steps and stood up for 16 hours but as I was in a meeting for three hours in the evening I’m not sure I believe this. I ate a lot of rubbish. Swimming was cancelled because the power had gone off everywhere but I couldn’t have gone anyway.
Friday further sloth day: 7000 steps, a lot of pizza and wine in the evening. A lot of crying at work. About work.
Saturday a good day!! No crying. Hobbits intrusive voice in my ear telling me to get on with it (amazing when she is so far away) 4km run, looking after five kids so I ran up and down the track outside the house and did six HIIT intervals: peg it as fast as I could for 150 metres. Made me want to vomit. Then some horse cantering: get out of the saddle to strengthen thighs and calves. Anyone who says ‘the horse does all the work’ has never tried cantering for seven minutes stood up in their stirrups. 20000 steps and 91 exercise minutes.

Now, where’s my bike……must dig it out this week.

Aims for next week: 5k run, get on bike even if just in gym, I’ve lost turbo in mess of house rebuild and it’s too muddy, cold and icy and dark to go out on the road. Two swim sessions.

Less crying. Less sugar. More sleep.

Sport on Sunday

Training Confessions

This is where we ‘fess up to what we’ve really been doing all week in training.  A chance to review the highs and lows, successes and failures, hours and hours of training for the superhero challenge.


Week 1 – off piste

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday *fear* #not ready…it’s winter – I ought to be hibernating …….I’m on a plane I can’t exercise……training schedule starts tomorrow.  


Monday supposed to be swimming 2.1km today but it’s bank holiday so there’s a “fun” inflatable session at the pool instead of lanes (which sounds the opposite of fun!)……the alternative is the sufferfest  – 45 minutes of torture (thanks Jonnyvelo) on an exercise bike (thanks Poppa hobbit), but at least I’ve made a start….
Tuesday rest day – treadmill under desk & 10k steps……oops, only 8900 achieved #must-tri-harder πŸ™
Wednesday 1 hour bike ride on the schedule – have to improvise with more sufferfest on the cross trainer as it’s dark when i get home:

Thursday the plan is 1.8km swim and 30 minutes of strength training……the reality is 1km swim & a beer (afterwards, not together…..)
Friday the plan is a 50 minute run. hahahahahaha.

superhobbit stretching quads post-run 

omg I did it!  6.05 km in 42 minutes (tortoise) & then a bit of strength  (that I was supposed to do yesterday).  Game on!  …….. yes I always go that funny colour, but I don’t think that should stop me…….

Saturday DOMS .  So smug yesterday, can’t walk down the stairs today.  2 hour bike ride for today’s fun……..well that didn’t happen! rain stopped play.  swam 1.5km instead.  What am I going to do tomorrow……!?
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multitasking major activities
Sunday multitasking
Monday moremultitasking.
Tuesday beasting in Bungay pool – 1 hour of torture.  wine after.
Wednesday  view from the horse saddlehorsing around!
Thursday repeat beasting in Bungay pool.  exercise theory be damned – they just make us swim up and down at full speed until we vomit.  1.6km today – at least I’m beating the hobbit.
Friday  work.  treadmill under desk so got my 10k steps in
Saturday  meg on her horse

what a handsome bit of horseflesh.  Oh! Was I supposed to be following a schedule…..? Don’t you know I’m a Myers-Briggs “P”?!