Meet the heroes

Who we are

We’re Meg & Jools: Fat GPs in 2015 but novice triathletes in 2016, we need a new challenge.  Follow us as we continue our journey to superhero status with a quadrathlon in 2017.  mj

Where we’ve come from

Years of working 10 hour+ days with open access to biscuits piled on the pounds, but in 2015 we each found a way to get back to normal weight.  

***Spoiler alert: there is no magic wand, it took 6-9 months and a lot of research, trial and error!*** 

Then in 2016 the lure of the couch and the biscuits meant our hard earned waistlines were in peril.  Luckily, we were “encouraged” (in a non-optional way….) to train for a local sprint triathlon which kept us on the straight and narrow.  A moment of beer-soaked overenthusiasm later and we had signed up for 5 more triathlons over summer 2016, so we now consider ourselves veterans.  Clearly, a new challenge must be presented for 2017 – so we’re adding kayaks into the mix, for good measure.

Ordinary heroes

We are just ordinary middle-aged women who managed to surprise ourselves (and our families!) by achieving what initially seemed impossible, or only for heroes.  We made huge lifestyle changes by starting small and focusing on each bit of the jigsaw of health, ensuring it was evidence-based.  We’re here because we want you to be a hero, too.  Blundering around in the morass of health advice on the internet is no fun – so join us to get the best advice for getting off the couch and becoming a superhero yourself.

We know everyone’s different, so this is not a “one size fits all” approach.  You’ll find motivation on a Monday, tech talk on a Tuesday, sports and nutrition theory on a Thursday, get quiet reflection time on a Friday and keep up with our heroics with sports on Sunday.  

“mens sana in corpore sano”

We hope you will be inspired by our successes, and your own, and maybe you might feel able to sponsor our efforts this year.  The Norfolk superhero challenge has set up a foundation supporting small charities and this year it’s the turn of mental health.  One of the major issues holding many people back from achieving superhero status is their mental health, and we believe that there is no health without mental health .  So please help us support some small local mental health charities who quietly do amazing work in the community – they are superheroes, all.