Motivation Monday

O is for options 

Ok. So you did a reality check and you really don’t think you can do it? No need to give up. Or you got here with one plan and you don’t see change?

Don’t give up – CHANGE UP! ***

Time to look at your change options.  Follow through some simple questions and exercises and you might be surprised at where you end up:

First, imagine yourself at your most resourceful, what do you say to yourself about how to achieve your health goal?  So then, what are the options you have?

(write them down)

Don’t stop there, what else?  What other options can you think of?  Be creative! Don’t dismiss any idea, no matter how outrageous or impossible, at this stage.

Now you have some options, what criteria will you use to judge them, objectively?  Look at the pros and cons.  You could fill in a “decisional balance sheet” for each option

with the pluses and minuses, what you stand to gain versus what you feel you’re losing.

Let’s add in a bit of “nudge” theory. If you’re struggling, it may be because human psychology finds a loss twice as painful as a gain. So you need twice as many pros in the advantages of new behaviour column to cancel out the advantages of your current behaviour – (your perceived losses if you change)

(e.g. – no more cake, alcohol, biscuits in the house vs. Feel strong, eat avocado every day, be able to keep up with the kids, sleep better, get back into prom. dress, better sex life****).

Then, ask yourself which option seems to be the best one against the criteria? Suddenly you have taken your emotional response to change and weighed it up at arms length and come up with a potential solution.

As always, here’s mine to give you an idea:

Next week we turn the ideas into action and find out WHAT are you going to do and WHEN are going to do it? (and who is going to check!?)



*** courtesy “the wire”

**** when you improve core strength you improve your pelvic floor

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