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10 Lessons for weight loss

This is the end of the weight loss focus for the blog: from here on in we’re going to talk swimming, biking, running and maybe even kayaking until the main event.  I looked back a lot to write this much and have reflected on my top 10 lessons – things I didn’t know, things I knew but was ignoring and things that actually worked.

It will be different for everyone, of course, but if you want a “starter for 10” here goes:

1 – Have a SMART goal

Plan for an exact weight and BMI. Know your BMR.  I used to say “I wish I could lose weight”, but I didn’t even know what I was wishing for until I had a goal.

2 – Have a realistic but detailed plan to follow

At least an initial 8 week schedule of nutrition and activity. Research enough to know it’s not bonkers, first.  You need 6 weeks of change for it to become a habit and you need a plan to stop you making bad choices due to all the unhealthy “nudges” in the obesogenic society we live in.

3 – Count everything  

Calories in from food, calories out from exercise. Don’t underestimate the former or overestimate the latter. Use a reliable tracker.  I know this won’t suit everyone, but if you can do it it will definitely work.

4 – Get over your assumptions about yourself and believe change is possible

You are not stuck, you are not doomed to be fat forever, you can do anything – unless you assume you can’t!  Believing in change is then a consequence of getting over your assumptions.  If you stop assuming your life is a certain way you can start believing it can change for the better.

5 – Don’t cheat

You know you are only cheating yourself. 

6 – Sign up to permanent lifestyle change

Be absolutely realistic about what you can maintain: the egg and grapefruit diet will NOT sustain you forever!  You need to keep the weight off for 2 years for it to stay off.

7 – Be realistic about where you are wasting your time

Don’t have a lie-in when you could be, quite literally, saving your life instead.

8 – Be kind to yourself

Have a rest day, have a cheat day, listen to those who say “stop” when you’re ill (thank you, friends) and DO NOT GIVE UP if you don’t see progress: CHANGE UP instead.

9 – Track your progress

Either on your own (I had a lovely spreadsheet) or through your favourite calorie tracker app

10 – Sleep well!

Always 🙂


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