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Reality Checks

This week we’ve “got real” with reality checking and myth-busting.  Possibly, it’s been a bit uncomfortable holding up the mirror to see what’s really happening. Hopefully it’s been less painful with us holding your hand ❤️

They say “reality bites” and so we tend to shy away from it.  We’re fed “fake news” because the truth is either too mundane for the information avid, or too inconvenient for the purposes of those promoting the sound bite.  As we are at the end of the week, before we look at options next week, can you be sure you have ripped off the blindfold and really looked at what you’re doing, or not doing, that might be holding you back from achieving your goals?

Reality bites

Often, we simply aren’t ready for the vicious bite of the reality Rottweiler.  Our real friends might tell us, but we won’t thank them, maybe until later.  We might be sub-consciously aware ourselves, but suppress reality using the Boggart of Denial.  How do we get from reality in the closet, to looking at it square on, acknowledging it and changing either it, or our response?

Approaching reality

Sometimes fate intervenes.  You have a heart attack, you get diabetes, the wake-up call galvanises you into rapid and effective action.  But is it sustainable?  Will you drift in your intentions when the crisis is over?  Sometimes you hand over the reins – go off to a bootcamp or similar and put responsibility for addressing reality into someone else’s hands.  But what happens when you come home?

For sustainable action you have to own it.  You have to want it for yourself.  So pay real attention to the force-field analysis you did on Monday.  Have another look and make sure it’s real.  Really reflecting YOUR reality.  Yes, you need an accountability buddy, or a competitor, or incremental goals, or a stickk (sic) – like money being involved – to help you on your way.  But the foundation has to be your way.  

Your reality.

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