Sport on Sunday

Week 10

The multitasker’s last week of regular rides and hilarious bike/horse bricks.  Next week we start team training!

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in Hobbiton
Sunday Hampstead Heath is rather hilly!  I ran 10.66km up hill, down dale, through muddy puddles and I was very slow.
Monday usual rest day
Tuesday unusual rest day – oops.  Work doesn’t half get in the way of suffering!
Wednesday  A little bit of gardening……not quite on the schedule!  Feeling below par.
Thursday Distinctly below par.  Managed some yoga and a short bike ride on the new bike.  Extraordinary lightness of bike uphill is great, but it was quite windy so on the flat I kept getting blown off course which was alarming.
Friday Still feeling dreadful.  A 1km swim helped, short term.
Saturday Really feeling rough – it was sunny and warm so finished weeding the garden.  

at least spring has sprung!

Have not managed a long run this week or a quick run.  Supposed to be doing a 50 mile sportive tomorrow…….

jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multitasking major activities
Sunday Extreme wakefulness: after driving back from Newbury and getting home at half ten Saturday night I did an overnight shift, 90 minutes sleep, then went riding, mucked out four horses then went back to work for five hours. Hideous. Haven’t seen my kids since Friday morning except for ten minutes this morning. All my family cross with me as a result. Not keeping all the balls in the air with the juggling this weekend. Must try harder. If only I could exercise in my sleep.
Monday 4km run around the fields with four dogs: they make any run more fun. The Labrador checked out all the ponds. 
Tuesday 1 3/4 hours in the gym – bike-run brick.  Fasted so fat burning.  Excellent.  I was tired but feeling pleased to have done a longer training session(finally)
Wednesday Bike/Horse “brick” workout.  Satisfying.  26000 horse steps. Exhausted by the end of this. 
Thursday Good swim, 1400 metres. 
Friday Went out for supper. Very tired. Drank wine. 
Saturday 11000 steps walking round a cross country course working before driving back to work for another 12 hours. After 26 hours of continuous work I’m a bit tired. 

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