Sport on Sunday

Week 14

Have we recovered?  Have we taken our own advice about retraining slowly?

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Sunday Well, I did actually manage a yoga session and a 30 length swim last week, in the end.  Today I ran a circuit which turend out to be 4.57 km at an average 6.36 minutes per kilometre.  So far I am taking my own advice and retraining slowly.  I even had a multivitamin and mineral afterwards!
Monday  work day so rest day
Tuesday  work – did manage the desk treadmill slowly
Wednesday Cycled to the swimming pool for a 1km swim and back with a lunch stop.  Not exactly training, but definitely gentle!
Thursday  another rest day – taking own advice!
Friday  Kettlebells session
Saturday  Muscle pain after kettlebells – totally deconditioned.  Managed a 6.48 km run at an average 6.39 minutes per kilometre.  Slow progress, but progress!
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker Multi-tasking Major activities
Sunday I’ve been team chasing today: four horses thunder round a (huge) cross country course together. Fastest team wins. I’ve never done it before but it’s been on my bucket list for a good twenty years. I was worried it might be the last thing on my bucket list if it didn’t go so well.

Anyway, it was amazing, one of the most exciting things I’ve done for years. So now I’ve done that I can get back to focussing on superheroes!!

Monday  galloping
Tuesday  galloping
Wednesday  galloping 🙂 

yes, I know I’m not really focussing on superheroes……

Thursday  work, so rest day
Friday Lighter mornings = run before work = joy
Saturday  horse – related exercise.

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