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Week 7

Week 7 and we’re on a roll.  Week 8 is the last week of single sports.  When we get to week 9 we have to start bricking it.  Of course we may be doing that already…..

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday due to a technical hitch (hobbit incompetence) sport on sunday was prematurely on saturday last week – sorry!  I did go for a swim on saturday, though!

Sunday – 8km run 54.37 minutes.  farthest (& slowest) “long, slow run” so far & felt it. Very muddy in places so was slipping backwards! however, very pleased by “negative splits” when i got back to terra firma from km 5.

garmin report on 8km run showing negative splits

Have entered Saxmundham rotary half marathon as a “mini-goal” to keep me running!!

Monday Rest day
Tuesday 20 minute weights work out & 10k steps (a routine emerges at last!)
Wednesday Beautiful spring-like day.  NO excuse not to go out on a bike ride. 22 miles, 12.3 mph (not getting speedier!) and even hosed down the bike & oiled the chain afterwards. *Smug* Sunshine 🙂
Thursday 5k round Hampstead Heath again with hill sprints – no faster but got the hang of some sort of schedule after 6 weeks trying!

London is great for fitness – 30,000 steps in all today!!!!

Friday Does hoovering up Jack Russell hairs count?  I did actually go for a swim & finally do the 80 lengths (2km) I had been supposed to do from day 1 of the schedule.  Annoyingly my Garmin, accurate in all other respects, decided to ignore 10 of the lengths.
Saturday  Ah.  I “suffered”.

jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities
Sunday Oh my goodness, in terms of exercise it’s been a fabulous week, but I feel terrible, I’ve had snotty eyes and a wretched cough and sore throat. And according to one of the (four) books I’m reading, all about low carb. endurance exercise I should NOT be exercising. But what the heck, spiritually and emotionally I’m feeling upbeat, so I’ve got on with it. OK, the other reason is because the week started well and I thought I had a chance of getting some achievement badges from my activity app. I’m sooooo like a seven year old: I will try so hard for a teeny tiny reward. But weirdly it did motivate me, especially on Friday evening when I got home from work after seven and the rest of my (temporarily extended) family were eating and drinking wine. So here goes: 

Sunday I hibernated post-ball. 

Monday Went riding, 19000 step day, and was introduced to the rollers. Not hair rollers. The cycling kind.

I fell off them in spectacular fashion. Landing on the leg of one of the chairs next to me, meant to protect me from falling. And when I landed on the concrete fall I was lying next to a bottle that said ‘which lube is right for you’. If I hadn’t been crying I might have laughed. But I pretended I wasn’t crying because the second husband was fixing his bike (see Tuesday) so I got up and carried on pedalling. 

Tuesday 19000 steps, went riding in the morning, then went for a terrifying 19 km bike ride in the dark with my second husband. His average heart rate was 120, mine was 150 which is too high, according the almost every book I’m reading at the moment: primal endurance, the low carb athlete and the other one that the hobbit bought me. 
Wednesday 171 minutes of exercise, 31500 horse steps. Freezing day. The sun never appeared. 
Thursday 1200 swim. It was good. Not too hideous. And 6000 steps of walking. 
Friday 4000 steps but finished work and did 30 minutes cycling on the terrifying rollers. I nearly fell off once when husband one came to chat to me but concentrated hard on rick stein who was propped up in an apple crate in front of the rollers on my iPad talking about pasta and managed not to topple off. 
Saturday 15000 steps. I went riding, then went and wandered about in a freezing field fishing jockeys out of the mud. Didn’t really contribute to fitness, but a nice day. 

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