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Week 8

Our final week of messing about.  Into a higher gear as of next week with “bricks”.  Or at least, that’s the plan……

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Sunday Oof.  I am pooped! First 10k run in 1:07:14 at 5.6mph (0.1 mph faster than last week’s “long slow run”!!!  Proof that my interval training works??)  I’ve got my  flight socks on for compression and I have foam rolled my legs into a pulp.

The legs and the distance were not the difficulty – the psychology was.  Got round this two ways – one, knowing I had to tell you what I had done made me tell myself “I can & I will”, two, I got hot & left my hat on a post in the “loop” at what would be 9km when I came back round – no 9km run no hat.  (favourite hat!)  There were 2 teeny bits of walking – once when the hill was just too steep for words (it probably wasn’t!) and the other time collecting aforementioned hat.

Chuffed 🙂

Monday Bought a new bike! (hopefully will go faster…..) awaiting delivery

Wonder woman is here, we are having a holiday so rest day & dog walking, too.  Happy days.

Tuesday Oh dear, wonder woman has turned into boot camp commandant.  She made me go to a spinning class!  She loves me enough to let me hate her……


Wednesday It’s full on boot camp! swimming 1km in the morning and a 5km tempo run in the afternoon.  Feel remarkably perky, now, considering how I thought I was dying at the 4.5km mark….
Thursday Wonder woman and poppy dog had to leave.  Accidental rest day.  (Storm Doris stopped play)
Friday Kettlebells, spa and picked up the bike – happy Hobbit
Saturday It rained on my new bike so I took it home & created a new pain cave with new turbo trainer instead.  Sufferfest ensued.
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities
Sunday Everything hurts!!! Legs, neck, back, ancient creaky knees. God this reaching my forties is tedious. I’ve still got my stupid cold/cough. I didn’t get round to reading whether I should exercise when ill so I still don’t know whether I’m supposed to or not, so have erred on side of caution and just done moderate amounts.

I worked overnight, had less than two hours sleep and had horrid red snotty eyes and a sore throat when I got home at eight fifteen in the snow. So husband one made me go running (6km!).  The upside was that his trousers fell down twice without him noticing.

We ran home, lit the wood burner to dry out the wet plaster in the holey house, then ran home in the snow. The three dogs were sooooo happy. Lurcher, collie, Labrador. They were so pleased to be  out for a run. I was cold and achey with a sore leg.

Then I went riding in the snow. Then I went out for lunch. Then ten pin bowling. Wow. I’m like a superhuman. Only with red swollen eyes.

Somewhere in there I spent some time with my kids, saw my parents and step parents and slept for ten minute intervals in the car. 

Monday It’s half term. I’m trying to be a good mother for a few days. So we are going to the “cold hell-tell” (a campsite) for three days so I will take my trainers but there is a good chance I won’t do any ‘exercise’ as such. But it will be fun. 

20000 steps and 113 minutes of exercise, i.e. I rode two horses (not at the same time obviously, even I’m not that dumb).


Tuesday  meg's half term run

16000 steps. A really fast 3km run along the coast track near burnham deepdale after a very slow walk with six kids.

14500 steps of wandering about with kids at very slow speed. And I slept on a sofa for an hour. It was lovely.




11500 steps of walking on brancaster beach. Very slowly. Pesky children with their short legs. Good for the soul though. 

11000 steps, wandering again. But at beautiful walsingham. 

35000 horse steps. Five and a half hours on a horse, exhausted. Couldn't move Sunday morning

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