Sport on Sunday

Week 9

Did we get a brick in?……read on:

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday 12km run done.  Surprisingly legs and brain coped at the time.  I am going to lose a toenail though…..
Monday rest day
Tuesday extra rest day – 10k steps done but otherwise body too tired.  Obviously the extra running distance has knock on effects.
Wednesday Brick number one in the bag.  10 mile bike and 5km run straight afterwards in a PB of 29.06 – every km under 6 minutes.  

Not sure what got into me!  Amazingly, this was actually on the schedule.

Thursday Swim – feels like recovery.  This week garmin said I had done 70 lengths so I believed it.
Friday Sufferfest time (violator !) – so enjoyable on new bike, can’t wait for cadence and speed meter for power stats *geek face*
Saturday Strength training: sufferfest has lots of amazing yoga videos, no suffering involved!
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multi-tasking major activities

This week: recover from cold. 
half hour bike ride, faster than last time but shorter only 13km, and an hour on a horse.
Monday 20000 horse steps, not riding my horse (he’s got heat rash which is really sore) and riding in some horrid hard saddle which gave me a blistered bum. Nice.
Tuesday 16000 horse steps. And some looking after ill daughter. (Bad multitasking in action)
Wednesday 7000 steps, looked after ill daughter but made her come and look at kitchens which was a bit mean. Actually she was feeling better and enjoyed opening and shutting every single door/drawer she could. 
Thursday Hideous 13 hour day at work. Returned home from work at half eight and couldn’t face swimming. Felt guilty. This neither got me fitter nor made me healthier.
Friday Supposed to finish work at two, finished at half five, drive to a course in Newbury.
Saturday Got up early. Ran round Newbury racecourse. 5km. Felt smug all day that I’d managed to run before the course. And learnt lots on a really great course. Had to spend the afternoon kneeling in the mud and rain getting pretend casualties onto stretchers. I fear I’m turning into a trauma pervert, like all the trauma doctors I’ve despised over the years. I will be in an orange jumpsuit before I know it (HEMs rather than Guantanamo Bay).

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