Sport on Sunday

Week 11

Disaster has struck – the snotmonster has stopped play this week.  It’s panic stations: we’re nearly halfway through the training regime!

superhobbit, second breakfsat goings on in hobbiton
Sunday Banned by the justice crusader from attending the sportive, mostly spent recovering after a bit of gardening
Monday  work
Tuesday  work
Wednesday Still feeling rather fragile – best solution is gardening in the sun.  Yes, no exercise for ages.  Feel too rough to care!
Thursday Aha! The snotmonster strikes.  Can’t believe such a long prodrome
Friday  Managed a seaside walk with the students
Saturday  Supposed to be cycling 30 miles around York………..
jongleur-de-vie, super-bad multitasker multitasking major activities
Sunday half an hour on the rollers, exhausting!! And an hour on horse, cantering. Heaven after a tedious overnight shift. 
Monday Monday evening (thank god it’s getting lighter) I took five kids and four dogs for a run. They cycled. Only two casualties : pretty good. 
Tuesday  Last serious horseride of the season
Wednesday  I haven’t done very much
Thursday  work, work, work
Friday  work, illness, no exercise
Saturday  rest day!

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