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Not Newcastle United FC, that’s a different website.  In the midst of all this hard work and reality checking and reflecting and changing we all need some “top tunes” to listen to.  Sometimes we want to listen to them while we workout.  The tech. for getting your toons on the move has made great strides (geddit!?) since the humble walkman.

Now you’ve got an app on your phone with thousands of toons and hours of music stored on it, organised into playlists.  You’ve got wireless earphones and it’s all light and small.  Even your workout gear has got special pockets or bits or attachments for stowing your tiny toon machine.  Your gloves have got smartphone compatible index finger-tips!  (If you haven’t got any of this, sorry if I just made you have a shopping frenzy!)

Me, I like the “sound of silence” (translation – the sound of increasingly laboured breathing…..).  Earphones & toons are banned in triathlon so I’ve got used to running without.  Cycling is probably dangerous with toons, although lots of people do it.  I’m a bit of a chicken & I like to hear what’s monstering up behind me….. and I’ve never considered going swimming with music, it didn’t seem compatible.

But I do like a playlist (see below) if “rain stops play” and I’m on the cross-trainer. So what to use?


Well there are more apps for your music than you can think of.  You probably use iTunes – since it was out at the start and if you’ve got apple products, or maybe google play – both have the biggest stores available.  But if you want a review try this


Astonishingly, it’s all gone waterproof.  I’m still a bit nervous but this review tells you everything you need to know.  Suffice to say you can choose big budget/small budget, with radio, cordless and even a smartwatch/fitness tracker with your music on it.  The tech is so far removed from what I could have imagined when I got my first walkman and listened obsessively to “free Nelson Mandela” by the special AKA (yes, old!) whilst walking around moodily worrying about the state of the world.  Now I just run around cheerily worrying about the state of the world.  Endorphins make the difference.


This is a review from runner’s world that gives you a good choice – there’s in-ear, on-ear, wired, wireless, sweatproof, waterproof.  Lots of ways to spend your money this week!!

But when you’ve spent your money, what are you going to listen to?  Well, here’s our top 10:

Top 10 workout toons (official!)

  superbad-multitasker superhobbit
#1 We are your friends (justice vs. simian) – Makes me run fast.  Nutbush city limits (Tina Turner) – all time top fitness toon, first heard in 1990 Birmingham Uni aerobics classes, NEVER fails to get hobbit arse in motion
#2 Foundations (Kate Nash) Die another day (Madonna) – Not a fan of Madonna’s music in general this has absolutely the correct running cadence beat, first heard running in the dark with a running club circa 2001, enabled short little fat hairy legs to keep up……
#3 Mr. Bright Side (The Killers) – So cliched. But hey, I never claimed I was original. Rapture (Iio) – Don’t like “disco”, but first heard on the cross-trainer in 2003, absolutely the perfect cadence to keep a cracking pace on the machine
#4 Bulletproof (La Roux) Crackity Jones (Pixies) – just because. But also, you can’t stop moving to this.
#5 Nineteen (Tegan and Sarah) Are you gonna be my girl? (Jet) – fast fast faster
#6 Send them kids to war (the Burns Unit) Psychokiller (Talking Heads) – good subversive cross-trainer warm-up
#7 Blood, ice and ashes (the Burns Unit) Barracuda (Heart) – not what you expect from Heart
#8 What is life? (the Burns Unit) 225 (New Model Army) – speed and substance
#9 The district sleeps alone tonight (the Postal Service) I can dream (Skunk Anansie) – if Skin can dream, I can go faster
#10 There are ten songs in the world??  Probably something by Taylor Swift. I have the musical taste of an eight year old unless I’ve been directed towards something by husband one  Flashdance (Irene Cara) – leg warmers, high kicks, high 80’s camp nostalgia – I’ll have some

What are your top toons??? (…Alan Shearer does not count……)


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