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Swimming Tech

Well, here we are.  We’ve got our goal in mind, we’re working towards it.  We’ve got the I.T. sorted.  We can weigh in and monitor everything and we have motivator apps and buddies to cheer us on and top toons in our ears while we go. Now we just have to do it.

The quadrathlon is swim-kayak-bike-run so we’ll tackle them in that order. Except we won’t: the kayak is new to us so we’ll explore it together when the weather gets better!  Let’s have a look at swimming tech:

Boggle at the goggles

Do you need technology in order to swim!?  What a concept!  Well, so far we’ve got the swimtag, the waterproof bluetooth earphones and iPod shuffle.  Probably a swimsuit would be helpful, some goggles and a wetsuit for open water.

Swimsuits have gone and got technical.  You can still buy one in Marks and sparks, but if you’re a good swimmer (we’re not!) a technical swimsuit can make you faster.  With compression, hydrophobic fabric, engineering and even copper in the material and stroke specific designs you can pay a lot of money to shave seconds off your swimtime.  If you want to read a review here you can, but our view is that the swim being the smallest portion and our weakest discipline we’ll carry on with speedo!

But goggles – how we boggled at the change in swimming goggles since we were nippers.  When we started triathlon neither of us put our heads in the water.  We swam along having a nice chat and annoying everyone else (sorry!).  Then the multitasker got goggles.  Amazing goggles.  Instead of sitting inside your eye socket misting up and letting in water they are like scuba masks and use clever silicon to make a seal around your face and some amazing “no misting” inside coating so you don’t even have to spit in them!  Read more reviews here.  Your choice is your budget and whether to go for a simple pool goggle with a clear lens or whether you might need a tint for open water sunny days.  Even the shortsighted are catered for – for a small amount extra you can add prescription lenses.  The multitasker doesn’t want to see the sharks coming at her though so that might be a step too far…..

Wiggle in the wetsuit

A lot of people fear the wetsuit.  They have good reason – mine nearly killed me, but that is another story, for a theory Thursday.  But actually, if you’re going to swim in open water you will feel more buoyant and secure and you can also swim faster.  Also, you will be warmer – which in the UK is a “good thing”.

Triathlon has it’s own wetsuits.  Like the technical swimsuits they have compression and they have different neoprene thicknesses depending on where you need to be flexible or warm.  Finally, they have a lovely sheeny smooth coating that makes you look like a rubber seal, but apparently makes you cleave through the water like a porpoise.

You can even get a custom-made wetsuit to fit you perfectly, if you’ve got the wherewithal, but whatever you decide, it’s time to “dive-in”***


***so sorry, Hobbits can resist a terrible pun.



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