New superhero joins the club

Welcome to Wonderwoman!  Wonderwoman just ran her first 10k race and raised over £200 doing so!

Wonderwoman didn’t think she was a runner.  But she wanted to get fit and lose weight.  She made a new year’s resolution and started a walk/run regime.  She was pretty grumpy when her beautiful new trainers got muddy.  (But the superhobbit was very proud!)

grumpy face not shown for safety reasons

She managed her first 5k run all by herself in February:  


Health issues intervene

But she wasn’t losing weight and she felt like she was trying to run through treacle.  Every morning she woke up feeling like she had a hangover – and she never drinks!  Luckily, she visited the superhobbit and happened to mention about her woeful tingly hands each morning.  One thyroid blood test later and a diagnosis of underactive thyroid was made.  What a difference a normally functioning thyroid makes!  She was back on the program, storming ahead.

But superheroes surmount one challenge, only to be thrown another curve ball.  Wonderwoman’s stepfather was very poorly and had to be admitted to hospital.  The hospital was a 30 minute drive away and she was spending a lot of time visiting, as well as supporting the family.  

Running was really hard, but she managed some swims and kept up with power dog walks.  

Poppy the power dog

As he got better she could start to run again and by May she was training hard, with our superhero pal, marathon girl.  The plan was a 10k on July 1st.  In true superhero fashion, she also decided to apply for a new job (which she got!)  But then her stepfather took a turn for the worse.  Now she was determined to “race for life” and take him her winners medal.

1st July 2017

The day was warm and sweaty.  The park in Brighton was full of women in pink – T-shirts, tutus, sparkly facepaint.  The hobbit minions had cheesy chips, superhobbit and wonderwoman got in the queue for the loos.  The great thing about race for life is the spirit of superheroes overcoming all sorts of challenges to run, including those who’ve had cancer themselves.  The hip hop power warm-up was totally enlivening – if challenging for the mostly over 40’s who wished for Jane Fonda…….or the green goddess……..(don’t tell me you don’t remember!)

They split us into runners, joggers and walkers.  A minutes silence was held to remember why we were doing it:

race FOR life

and then off we trotted.  A surge of pink ladies jogging sedately round a field must have been a sight to behold and we were doing swimmingly until………..THE MOUNTAIN.  If you’ve done the London-Brighton bike ride you’ve ridden up Ditchling Beacon (well, admit it, you probably walked!).  We hadn’t realised we had signed up to run up its steep backside.  Less than 1k into the run and we were almost kissing the ground as we tried to get up the first hill.  Everybody walked.  Eventually the ground levelled out and we could run a bit and wonderwoman was getting nicely into her stride.

There was an ambulance at the top of the hill, but we gave it a miss and we were rewarded with a long comfortable downhill stretch where we could even chat to other runners.  As we got to the 4 km mark we could hear the sounds of a choir singing uplifting songs which really spurred us on.  Later as we started loop two we picked up water and were encouraged by a lady apologising that we had to go up THE MOUNTAIN again.  This time wonderwoman’s technique was a backwards shuffle – very effective!  But we couldn’t talk it was so steep.  It took a while to recover and wonderwoman’s legs were feeling a bit leaden.  Luckily, I had a caffeinated gel on hand – banoffee pie flavour! – for just such an occasion.  Full of sugar to fuel your muscles and the right amount of salt to prevent cramp and (if taken with water) to hydrate you perfectly.

She said it tasted like sperm.  

Probably I shouldn’t have kept it in my back pocket where it got warm……..  However, it seemed to do the trick – she started running after that 😉  Suddenly we could hear the choir again, (emosh), we were out in the open again and the field was in sight.  Hobbit minions came to race us home, a little bit of walking to gather final strength and whoosh – she was sprinting.

The final 300 yards was flat out, full on, hobbit-gasping racing and she pegged it over the line ahead of me in 1h21 fabulous wonder-minutes.  Medal over head, water bottle received, snack-stealing attempt by hobbit-minion 3 – rapidly retrieved and inhaled by wonderwoman and we were done.



On the way to deliver the medal to her stepdad’s hospital bed – for the record – wonderwoman said “I don’t feel like that was too bad – we should do the Brighton half marathon”.  The lessons are, therefore, as follows:

1 – with the right motivation you can do anything

2 – anyone can be a superhero, you just have to take adversity and turn it into motivation

3 – do not make any binding decisions when you have endorphins in your system!!!!


So, thank you wonderwoman – you are an inspiration to hobbits old and young.  I’m researching half marathon training plans and I’m looking forward to what you will do next!  But I know the world is safe in your hands 🙂


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